Incoming Call of Duty Tournament Intel

The LZ is hot! Drop into 2021 by joining us for a Call of Duty tournament, Call of Duty: Warzone / Rumble in SOLOS. Bring your favorite load-outs, operators and comfy slippers to this exclusively online Warzone tournament. Participants will be playing a best out of three in Call of Duty Warzone SOLOS public matches, race to the finish and claim victory. There will be giveaways, a cash prize and more!

Join us as we host Electric City Esports’ debut esports tournament, Call of Duty: Warzone / Rumble in SOLOS on March 18 from 4:00-7:00 PM EST. This debut tournament will be completely online through the streaming platform Twitch and will kick off both Electric City Esports’ and Esports Station’s leap into esports tournaments. The Rumble in Solos tournament broadcast will take place at SkyZone in Pittston, PA – owners Chris Davis and Matt Giombetti will be joined by guest tournament casters Jack Tora and Mason Grim for this event.

The Call of Duty: Warzone / Rumble in SOLOS tournament will be a 3-Hour Race – best out of three matches. The highest kills averaged after 3 games wins! Players will have a 3-hour period to try to get a high-kill game or a Warzone victory – Warzone victories will add 2 points to your final kill count for that game. At the end of the 3 hours, the player that has the highest average kills in the best out of three games will win.

This esports tournament is your chance to be a part of esports history in Northeastern Pennsylvania – the first-ever, large-scale esports tournament for the region! The Call of Duty: Warzone / Rumble in Solos tournament will feature giveaway prizes, a cash prize and other awards for participating and tuning into the event. Event details are listed below. If you are looking to participate in this tournament, either as a player or sponsor, you can learn more information here.


Tournament Overview:

Tournament Name: Call of Duty: Warzone / Rumble in Solos
Time: 4:00-7:00 EST on Twitch
Entry Fee: $15 per player
Must be 18+ to enter
Cash prize pool
Capacity: Unlimited

You can sign up for this tournament by clicking here!

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