Esports Station uses esports events and tournaments to support local communities. Our parent company, Electric City Esports, comes from humble beginnings in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region – we love where we come from! NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) is home to many small towns and cities, including our business hometown Scranton, “The Electric City”, PA. We believe esports brings innovation to the communities it touches and operates in. Each tournament Esports Station event uses local venues, business sponsors and participants. We want to see the people involved directly benefit. Esports events, whether in-person or online, allow people, places and businesses an opportunity to be in front of people from all over the world. Thanks to video game streaming platforms like Twitch, esports tournaments can happen any place at any time.

We want you to participate in and benefit from esports. Join us for any one of our Esports Station events or choose to organize your very own esports-related event; let’s make esports a stop in your town or city!