We know and understand that parents want to see their children thrive. We also understand parents have concerns surrounding video games. Many people claim video games make young people addicted, lazy, violent and more. While there are examples of this found in video game players, this does not reflect the overall video game and esports community. Many young people today have passions for video games – they have skills for video games just like traditional sports athletes.

Young people want to take those passions for video games and make a name and make a living for themselves. Did you know one video game player was awarded $3 million for being the Fortnite Championship winner? No longer are video games a hobby. Video game players have opportunities now more than ever to take their passion for video games and earn a living. Esports-related events have awarded over $19 million to players and teams. Players who harness their skills and passions for video games not only can make a living off of playing video games but can also be recruited to colleges and professional teams. We want parents to know that Esports Station provides a platform to showcase their child’s talent and skills. We want your child to be the next big name in video games and esports through a structured, positive experience with esports events.